Patient Participation Group

Eastview Surgery is pleased to publish the 2014 Patient Survey .

The practice  would like to thank the Patient Participation Group for their dedication and hard work in producing this survey. A paper copy is available in the waiting room and reception

 The survey was undertaken during October 2014 as the first major project of the newly formed Patient Participation Group (PPG).

A total of 212 patients, attending surgery, were interviewed and provided responses and comments which are detailed in the Summary attached. Only 5 patients, in total, refused to partake in the survey.


Patient Survey Report 2014



 Patiet Survey Action Plan Progress Report March 2013.


Eastview Surgery invited patients to form a patient reference group from May 2011, the aim was to involve patients more closely and so improve the way patients needs are looked after.

Patients were invited to join through face to face contact and posters in the waiting room.

The current PRG has 8 members.  They range in age from 31-83. 
The practice realise that the group is not wholly representative of the practice population, and are engaging with patients so all practice population is covered.

Eastview Surgery and it's Patient Participation Group have recently conducted a wider patient survey. To view the document please select the following link (Document opens in a new browser window) Download document.

Thank you to all our patients who completed the Eastview Surgery 2013-14  Patient Survey, As a practice we are always looking for ways to improve our services and your feedback is always valued

The results of the survey are published on the link below and paper copies are avilable from reception.

Patient Survey Report 2013-14